Hello world!

My name is Shyloh. I live in the Yukon, Canada, and love the north. The Yukon is a unique place filled with many bird species. Spring and fall migration is an exciting event for Yukon birders, as a wide variety of species sweeps the territory. I am a bird enthusiast; my career goal is to become an Ornithologist and specialize in owls. I go after every opportunity to increase my knowledge of birds, and I started this blog so that I could share my ideas, thoughts, and information I have gathered with you. All of my articles will be related to birds either directly, or indirectly. I hope that you will enjoy my posts, and that they will be helpful to you.

3 responses to “Hello world!

  1. My first sign-up to a blog – and it looks like a good one. I’d be interested in hearing dates of first arrivals for bird species around Tagish this spring.


  2. Hi Shyloh,

    Thanks for coming to the bat talk on Friday. I hope you learned a lot and it was great to have your keen questions.

    I hope you’ve heard of the Real Raptors presentations we’re trying to bring to Whitehorse next month. They’re supposed to be on Friday Sept 16 and Saturday Sept 17. Dr. Hart from the American Bald Eagle foundation will be bringing a Red-tailed Hawk, Great Grey Owl and Great Horned Owl. Since you’re so keen on owls, I thought you’d like this presentation in particular.

    Also, you should totally visit The American Bald Eagle Foundation next time you’re in Haines. They have a new Eagle mew where you can see the Bald eagles, and they often have a couple of owls out on display for people to visit and learn about. They have the cutest Eastern Screech owl too! You can follow them on Facebook as well.

    Well, enjoy the rest of your bird banding this summer! Stay warm!


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