My Yukon Life

Jennifer Hawkes is a local broadcaster in the Yukon. She started her ‘My Yukon Life’ radio shows in March 2011, travelling around the Yukon to interview various interesting people for her weekly podcasts. Her original goal for her radio show was to present to her southern family what life in the north, specifically in the Yukon, was really like. However, more and more people from around the world began viewing her podcasts and following her stories. It quickly grew to become a popular northern radio show on the world-wide web. People all over the world with the dream of visiting the Yukon view My Yukon Life’s podcasts, half of these viewers being from the United States. Her podcasts were originally live radio shows that were hosted by Blog Talk Radio before the podcasts became available only on the My Yukon Life website and iTunes. Jennifer’s podcasts allow people who have never been to the Yukon to experience it through verbal imagery and they encourage more visitors to the north. Some people following her podcasts are surprised to learn that we can wear shorts and sandals in the summer. The Yukon is a rugged, untouched, and beautiful place. My Yukon Life presents the story of the north. Check out her website at , and her Facebook page at this link. She publishes podcasts weekly on Monday.

Jennifer Hawkes; local broadcaster, producer, and creator of 'My Yukon Life'.

A couple of weeks ago Jennifer did  story that is slightly different from her other podcasts. Her story focused more on important symbols for the Yukon. The arrival of Trumpeter Swans which is the popular Yukon symbol of spring, and the Northern Lights, a famous symbol of the north. Heather Jones of HPJ Photography discusses Northern Light Photography with us.

Photo By: HPJ Photography.

Heather is a blooming Northern Lights photographer, and I personally am a big fan of her amazing work. She is a local professional photographer at Carcross, a small community in the Yukon’s southern lakes region. Check out more of her work at her Facebook page.

Photo By: HPJ Photography.

Northern Tales Travel Service described the services and tours that they provide for tourists travelling to the Yukon to view the northern lights and participate in other northern activities such as ice fishing and dog-sledding. I was also interviewed by Jennifer on the arrival of the swans in Tagish a few weeks ago, where we discussed the importance of these beautiful birds and their meaningfulness to us in spring. You can listen to this podcast, Episode 56: Northern Lights & Swans by clicking the link.

Photo By: Beakingoff. Trumpeter Swans in Tagish.

On her newest episode, Jennifer interviews a pair of our neighbours from down the street: Paul and Alice Cyr. Paul Cyr, age 88, has been a part of the Yukon for a very long time and is chalk-full of knowledge and amazing memories. He was made ‘Pioneer of the Year’ in the Whitehorse Transportation Museum’s hall of Fame in 2010 and is practically a walking history book. Look for the newest podcast, Episode 57, at My Yukon Life.

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