2012 Annual Yukon Birdathon

The Yukon Birdathon is a 24 hour fundraising event for the Yukon Bird Club. It begins May 25th at 5pm and ends on May 26th at 5pm (Saturday and Sunday). The fundraisers in the birdathon spend those 24 hours birding; the goal is to see as many bird species as possible during the time limit. These fundraisers gather sponsors that can pledge either a flat sum of money (example $20) or a sum of money per species the fundraiser finds (example $0.50 per species). Some fundraisers are crazy birders and will often get 100 species or more! The record holders for the most bird species seen during these 24 hours is held by Ben Schonewille, Ted Murphy-Kelly, and Jukka Jantunen, who teamed up and saw 126 species during the 2011 Birdathon. The Yukon Birdathon is a very important source of money for the Yukon Bird Club and supports most of the club activities (bird walks/events, public bird education, bird conservation efforts). However, due to the higher costs of goods and the increasing number of birding field trips and projects combined with a decreasing number of sponsors, the Yukon bird Club is not raising as much money during the Birdathon as normal.

This year my Dad, little brother, and myself will be taking part as a fundraisers in the Yukon Birdathon. My goal is to reach 90 species (last year we had 79) and travel north from Tagish towards Whitehorse. Some of our birding locations will be Tagish Narrows, Nares Mountain (Carcross), Judas Creek, Quartz Road Wetlands, the Whitehorse Sewage Lagoons, Shallow Bay, and Swan Lake, which are some of the most important resting areas for migrating spring birds in the Yukon.

If you would like to support the Yukon Bird Club you could become a fundraiser and bird through the Yukon, or you could sponsor somebody doing the Birdathon. You don’t have to be an expert birder to take part! Your Birdathon could be as simple as taking a walk around your neighbourhood and marking down the birds you see, or as difficult as planning out your route and scouting well in advance before birding as much of the Yukon as possible in 24hours. You can also sign up to be a member of the Yukon Bird Club and receive notifications of all the clubs activities, projects, and rare bird sightings, plus you can receive a newsletter that sums up the seasons bird activity and project/ bird observatory updates. This years’ Feature Birder is Adam Perrier, who is acting as the ‘face’ for the Yukon Birdathon. If you plan to sponsor someone but are not sure who, please sponsor Adam! You can email the Yukon Bird Club for more information. yukonbirdclub@gmail.com

There will be a barbeque at the end of the Birdathon; all are welcome to attend. It will be on Saturday May 26th at 6pm at the Robert Service Campground. Please bring your own food and drinks!

Whatever you do, enjoy the spring and all of the wonderful birds that are showing up! Happy Spring Birding 🙂

Thank you to everyone supporting the Yukon Bird Club this year! Your contributions make a big difference.


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