Students on Ice Daily Updates

While I am gone on my trip to Antarctica, I will not be able to post on my own blog. As a student in this program I will be allowed only to post on the students on Ice blog, but it is something I can do daily. I’ve attached the direct link to the SoI daily update page here.

My Mom will be taking those posts and copying them onto my blog each day as I write new updates, so you will still be able to follow my progress right here on Beakingoff. The link to the SoI website holds a lot of other cool information though, so it is very worthwhile to check out if you are interested. My updates will also be shared on my Beakingoff Facebook page – ‘like’ the page to get regular updates!

My journey begins tomorrow at 2:30am 🙂 Very excited about the adventures coming up!

So for now, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🙂 Talk to you when I get back!


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