Happy New Year from Antarctica!

Happy New Year everyone!!

Yesterday was our first day on the Drake Passage. They call what we are experiencing ‘calm seas’…. if this is a calm sea, I would hate to see a rough sea. Our highest swells yesterday were over 3 meters high, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but considering we are on a boat and getting very seasick… I put on a patch as we left Ushuaia, but it has not been helping. I was so violently ill yesterday that I got sick close to 20 times while I was up. I spent about 75% of the day in bed, missing several interesting presentations. I did manage to crawl outside long enough to see my very first WANDERING ALBATROSS, Royal albatross, Blackbrowed Albatross, and Pintado Petrels. More Skua showed up as well. There is a big mixed flock of all these birds following the ship. Last night we held a New Year’s Eve celebration in which people performed skits, songs, riddles, and poems. I decided to contribute a telling of Robert Service’s poem “The Cremation of Sam McGee”, which I felt represented the Yukon on this expedition, and also was quite relevant to Antarctica as we had been hearing a lot about old explorers with their dog teams suffering bitter cold down here. Right around midnight, we crossed the Antarctic Convergence, meaning we are officially in the Antarctic region!

Today, I woke up feeling really bad. I got sick 3 times in the first ten minutes of getting up, and had the shakes so bad I could barely even walk. I have to say my stomach muscles are getting a bit sore. I had not eaten the day before, so I tried a bit of watermelon this morning and went to bed with permission to play music in my headphones as long as I could hear announcements. I have been in bed all day up until about 15 minutes ago. For the first time in two days, I felt nearly normal and wanted to take that opportunity to contact the outside world. We are expected to reach Antarctica this evening around dinner where we will board Zodiacs and head to shore on Elephant Island. I seriously cannot wait to reach land. I’m starting to feel quite ill again right now actually, so I’ll sign off. I’ll try posting again soon! Again, Happy New Year to you all 🙂


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