Homeward Bound

Our expedition has nearly come to a close. We are more than halfway back to the Beagle Channel and have been out of the Antarctic convergence for many hours. We will get to Ushuaia in the mornign of the 8th. Yesterday we couldn’t do our final zodiac landing in Antarctica due to the rough seas, so we just set course for the Drake Passage.

The seas are pretty rough – I took a video of the lounge window to show everyone when I get home. Through the window in this video, all you can see is either sky and nothing else, or the churning water. Up and down, up and down…. Thankfully, even though the trip back is longer and the days of agony are being stretched out, I am happy to say that I am not nearly as violently ill as when we were crossing the first time. I have been able to make it to most of the presentations, eat a bit of tomato and honeydew each day, and was even able to participate in the ‘Drake Passage Olympics’ tonight during a particularily good spell. I took part in a bit of the competition that involved standing with both feet together in a totempole position for as long as possible without moving. I was the first one out, but it was fun 🙂 Other parts included walking a line, bowling, a quiz on historic Antarctic travellers, and ball tossing. We all split into teams; the team I was in was Switzerland. The staff made up team Germany.

The weather today has been pretty miserable, which is what the Drake is supposed to be like. Rough water, high cold winds, horizontal snow, fog. There have been a lot of Southern Giant Petrels following us, along with the odd Northern Giant Petrel, and some Pintado Petrels and Fulmar. I got to see my first Antarctic Prion yesterday which was cool. There was also a white morph of Giant Petrel following the ship yesterday – not quite albino, but definitely close.

I can’t believe how fast our time went! It seems like we have been travelling forever, and yet it seems like it went by way too fast. I can’t wait to share everything I experienced with everyone in the Yukon when I get home.

Mom and Dad, I won’t be able to get in touch until I reach Toronto late on the 10th. We won’t be in internent access in Ushuaia, and Miami has that thing about paying for interent that gave us trouble before. This is likely my last blog post of the expedition until I get back home just because I’m not feeling good and there is not a lot to report now that we are heading into our last day on the Drake. And Mom, all I have been able to think about these past couple of days is either swiss moose steak or chicken with lots and lots of salty tomato broth and onions when I get home 🙂 Oh man, have to stop thinking about it…

See everyone in about 8 days!!


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