The Fangs of the Sea – Chandler England

This is an epic poem written by Chandler England, one of the talented students who went to Antarctica.


The Fangs Of The Sea

By the salty brine of the ocean blue,

I swear to you these tales be true,

This beast, it rose up from the depths,

The waters poured off with a great falls rage,

The land shook with each step as it blocked out the sun,

I stood there alone with no place to run,

The great horns of ivory and the talons of stone,

Made quick work of any alone,

Dream I could not,

See all too well,

Hear cracking bone,

Feel nothing at all,

This legend lies dormant beneath the tides,

My body now rests where this creature hides.

I sailed deep into the creature’s domain,

If the legends were true I would surely be slain,

Glorious shards of a deadly machine,

They hide below their fangs were keen,

My ship she did well, but to my surprise,

The creature did wake, the creature did rise,

The seas came to life, all part of the show,

The danger was circling, not letting me go,

As the beast approached with its shear fangs of ice,

I did remember this piece of advice,

Sailing those waters is a dead man’s game,

You will be just another victim, no title, no fame.

We arrived that faithful day,

I ordered all my men to stay,

As I hiked along the shore,

I failed to heed the lore,

My compass told my true direction,

But it was far too late to make the correction,

As I turned back toward my past,

I saw nothing at all, not even the mast,

My mind ran far with thoughts of death,

But I knew this be not me final breath,

As the night slowly cloaked the land,

I settled down for I could not stand,

In my sleep the creature awoke,

Its foul breathe thick as smoke,

With this the creature did steal me eyes,

Leaving me blind to my own demise,

I eventually fell to a fall of great height,

An ice lined chasm, my final sight.

The rocks were straight ahead,

To meet them I would be dead,

There was no way to avoid this fate,

My men were gone, far passed the gate,

As my ship ran aground,

No alarm was sound,

Only a ghostly cracking of wood and ice,

I knew deep inside, this would not suffice,

I was forced out into the freezing sea,

No boats were left, no haven for me,

The liquid ice pierced the skin,

Nothing could protect, the creature did grin,

The feeling did leave; it left nothing behind,

I was a husk in the ocean, the tears did remind,

My vision was going; it would not be long,

I stopped the swim and remembered my wrong,

A great gala, a party for me and my crew,

Little did I warn of the danger that grew,

I lay there, floating on salt,

My eyes they were open, it was all my fault.


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