Winner of the Book Draw!

The draw for Kermit Cumming’s new children’s book, “A Backyard Birding Adventure: What’s in Your Yard?” finished this morning at 9:00am and was a fun success. Beakingoff received several story submissions of experiences birding with children and youth which were fun to read and inspiring!

The winner of the draw is Mr. Anonymous from Canada. Congratulations!!! Here is the story he shared:

“Last fall my wife and I were making a weekly day trip to Vancouver to visit our daughter and partner and our grandson. Mateo had recently turned 2 and was starting to say a few words I could actually understand. My wife and I usually took Mateo for a walk to the beach while we were there. On the walks I would point out common birds and tell him the common name hoping he would develop an interest in birds. On one occasion we were walking along the beach and he pointed out over the water and said what I thought was ‘eagle’. I looked out but all there was was a seagull. I told him the bird in the water was a ‘seagull’. When we got him back home I told our daughter about it. She said that,actually, when he says ‘seagull’ it sounds like ‘eegull’. He had it right after all. Good boy.”

Thank you to everyone who participated in the draw by sharing their stories, and also thank you to people and organizations for spreading the word about my draw, particularly the Yukon Bird Club and Yukon Wildlife Viewing!


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