Argentina Birds

Magellanic Penguin

Southern Giant Petrel

Imperial Shag (Cormorant)

Neotropic Cormorant

Magellanic Cormorant (Rock Shag)

Black-crowned Night Heron

Black-faced Ibis

Ashy-headed Goose

Upland Goose

Crested Duck

Fuegian (Flightless) Steamer Duck

Yellow-billed Teal

Yellow-billed Pintail

Turkey Vulture

Chimango Caracara

Southern Lapwing

Magellanic Oystercatcher

Blackish Oystercatcher

White-rumped Sandpiper

South American (or Magellanic) Snipe

Chilean Skua

Dolphin Gull

Kelp Gull

South American Tern

Rock Pigeons

Austral Parakeet

Magellanic Woodpecker

Gray-flanked Cinclodes

Dark-bellied Cinclodes

Thorn-tailed Rayadito

White-crested Eleania

Ochre-naped Ground Tyrant

Austral Negrito

Chilean Swallow

House Wren

Austral Thrush

Chalk-browned Mockingbird

Patagonian Sierra Finch

Long-tailed Meadowlark

Black-chinned Sisken (heard-only)

Rufous-collared Sparrow

House Sparrow


= 42 Species



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